Tulle skirt (Vera Wang look-alike)

Tulle is great. But if you’ve ever worked with it, you know it’s tougher than it looks. Tulle is tricky, and requires a little planning & a lot of pinning. I was contacted by the sweetest thing named JaNina. Her 30th birthday was coming up, and she had plans to hit the town with her crew, but not without the right amount of attention. She challenged me with this:


Tulle covered the apartment – no exaggerations here. About 100 yards later (jk but close), and about half a yard of satin, we were finished. In order to create a full, opaque skirt like the one above, you need 20 yards – no joke. But the outcome? Sooo Carrie Bradshaw. I’m making another one for my bestie soon – and will be sharing a tutorial that maps out the process for you. The next skirt will be using more tulle – so that the bottom bells out more like the above pic. The secret? Larger pleats.

tulle skirt

Me, with a 100 degree fever, adamant that I document this beauty before I part with it.


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