10 Ways to Know if Your Bridal Shop’s Seamstress is Scamming You

Y'all.. I'm confused.. and blown away. Livid, really. Last week, my friend called me in tears about her big day. The shop that had her dream dress is on round two of getting it right. While the first one was defective from the manufacturer, the second one needed a few changes (totally normal). She felt uncomfortable with how they had treated her so far, and was worried she was getting the shaft in terms of alterations options. I pretended to be the friend who wanted to see the dress on her, while she had things pinned up.

How to ease a dress in the bust?!

Making a dress bigger in the bust is a pretty popular and inconvenient problem.. and with how many different bridesmaid dress retailers there are these days, women of all shapes and sizes have been there. The bride chose the most darling bridesmaid's dress off a random site deep in the black hole of internet and you have no idea if the dang thing is even going to arrive on time. And when it does, it's a week before you have to fly out for wedding #1 of wedding season. It arrives in the mail with a million stamps on it and you shred the packaging just to release it from it's far-too-small for who knows how long confinement.