Some big news…

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary of leaving my full-time job and exploring some what-if scenarios. I left a steady pay with no guaranteed income. No plan for how I would pay rent. No plan for my career. Nothing.

In hindsight, it was an absolutely insane decision… but it worked. Rent always got paid, my pups were always fed, and to be honest – I had zero trouble making money without a boss. A saying that’s always stuck out to me is that “a problem-solver is never without a job.” Friends.. it’s true. If you know how to solve just one problem, you’re golden. I’ve sewn for a long time. Maybe not professionally, but that skill is there. It’s one I’ve honed into a craft, and transitioned from hobby to profession.

This website’s been around for SIX YEARS (please don’t judge how little I’ve done with it in that much time). This is something that’s been in my heart for so long, without me really having clarity in what it’s supposed to mean or what role it plays in my career.

Several weeks ago, I filed for Music City Sewing to become an actual business. The pieces truly fell in place when a friend with an office space on music row posted on Facebook about another office in his building coming available – one I knew to be four blocks from home. After checking it out and reading over a lease that felt too good to be true, and concluding that it was in fact true – I’ve found a home and a purpose for Music City Sewing. On August 15th, I’ll be taking over that office space and converting it into a humble but dreamy studio – the home of Music City Sewing.Β 

We’ll cater to artists, musicians, stylists, and designers who want unique one-of-a-kind pieces for appearances and performances. This won’t be your typical alterations shop – it’ll be custom, elevated, and honest. It’ll make special occasion wear fit as if it were ran over with a magic wand, and it’ll be an experience no one else can replicate.

I want other people to experience that vision I have for an ideal experience – one where you know how much your alterations are going to run you, and no, they won’t be more than the cost of the dress. One where you know exactly the piece you want to wear for that performance or appearance but you can’t seem to find anything out there that comes close to the idea in your head.

I’m aiming to bring all of this right to the heart of Music City. I want to remove that burden from designers and stylists so that they can drop off and pick up pieces right next door to their destination. To make it easy for artists and musicians to stop by after their co-write, studio session, or photoshoot, and get the right fit the first time.

If my skills have anything to do with yours or someone you know, we should talk: If you want to join my email list to get info that will make your job easier, more fun, and cut your costs, hang tight, one’s coming.


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