About Me

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.47.28 PMHi! I’m Krystal.

I’m a live music addict, mustang adopter, Nashville resident, and seamstress. I was six the first time I used my mother’s sewing machine. It made sounds that no key cutter could dream of making and sewed only slightly faster than I could have by hand. She taught me to sew the way my great aunts all taught her, with masking tape blocking out all other seam allowances but .5″, and the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’ pinned in the air. The aunts would sit together in their basement in East Tennessee, swapping stories and piecing together quilts, eventually recruiting my great uncle, a veteran, to take over for them. He would step in to layer the quilt top, batting, and underside together, and quilt the entire thing into one piece for them. The ladies would then come in and bind it, sign their names in a corner, and give all their hard work away to someone who would treasure it. In my family, quilts take the form of a currency! I’m currently sitting on four treasures.

My great Aunt Geneva had cut out all the pieces of what was to be my first homemade quilt, and showed me the pattern to follow. My mom would glance over my stitches with careful eyes, explaining to me what tension was, and exactly what it takes to ensure the quilt would never unravel. I still have that quilt. Over time, I learned that if something was made of fabric, I could make it myself. The saying in our house still stands to be, “I could make that.” I made saddle pads for my horse. I made pillow cases. I made dresses. I made presents. I became a maker at ten.

Sewing is in my roots, but I never saw it as potential income.. I saw it for what it was. Soft and welcoming fabrics, endless possibilities, and loose rules that allow you to adapt as you go. Like half of Nashville, I’ve worked in the music industry for a number of years.. first publicity, then in live concert production. I grew to hate the business, and love the industry, and somehow stepping back from it all allowed my non-professional experience fit into my education in such a beautiful and simple way. Over the past year, I’ve gotten calls from friends in live music, videographers, old publicity clients, and so on asking for everything from fixing a zipper to creating one of a kind concepts for music videos.

So that’s how it started. These days I sew for tours half the time, and for music videos the rest. The more I learn why sewing rules are important, the more ways I learn to break them and come up with unique, cool pieces. Some artists who’ve allowed me to do so ‘on the clock’ include Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, Disney on Ice, Hall & Oates, and so many more.

Any questions?