Jedi costumes

For anyone hiding under a medium to large-sized rock for the past year, Star Wars VII came out. For anyone tuning in from outside the Milky Way, Star Wars fans are the most passionate movie enthusiasts on the planet, and won’t show up to a movie premier without the proper attire.


Hats off to the brilliant photography by Thomas J Photography, btw.

Enter Case & Britten – I used to work for their dad when I did concert production logistics.

Aside from being adorable, these two are the definition of the above paragraph.. they’ve all but completed their jedi training. And they’re absolutely the reason why I can now ‘eyeball’ photos and make patterns out of them. Case approached me with a crazy look in his eye, having heard I could sew, and not having seen any of my work. He threw this crazy idea at me and provided two awfully vague photos of what he wanted.. two jedi costumes, head to toe.

Although we’ve made them both a second tunic since these photos (fresh pics soon!), this was the final product of the first set of two costumes for these lovelies:


For the first go, I used to same fabric on Britten’s tabards & obi as I did for Case’s loincloth. We later added tabards for Case, in the same scrap fabric. The second time around, we swapped tunic fabrics. We originally used a lycra blend for Britten, which only ended up becoming a huge nightmare with sewing. I hand sewed the whole thing, and made sure to let her know that was a one-time thing 😂. We used a black jersey for Britten’s second tunic, and a sand-colored jersey/linen blend for case. I truly can’t wait till I have photos of that one, because I think that fabric keeps it true to the movies.

If you’re trying to create this yourself, opt for:

  • jersey/linen blend for tunic (This is what I used)
  • Gutermann thread

This fabric is NOT forgiving, newbie sewers beware. If you mess up, there’s no such thing as seam ripping.. at least not in a fabric-forgiving way. Here are some lengthwise (less pro) shots: